Advanced SystemCare Pro 9.0.0 Free Download

TRIAL: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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The Advanced SystemCare Professional application provided by Iobit is a well designed, user friendly and rich in features package offering users an advanced scanning and protection solution.

Once the program starts to install, it also offers a complete guide on how to be set up as conveniently as possible depending on the preferences selected and everything can be customized on first usage including automated processes, database signatures, startup type, overall performance.

The interface is a modern one, very intuitive and the buttons are well placed and easy to reach and select by the user.

When the Home button is pressed, on the right it reveals an overview area for important updates program status and an Exclusive features area for on the fly settings management. Here the user can check for the installed program version, the database version and if it needs any signature upgrades, the time of the last scan and a detailed statistics view with the total number of fixed problems, total number of files removed, total scans performed and total defragmentations. The latest news from Iobit can also be viewed.

The Maintain Windows module handles the computer cleanup and maintenance. Options such as Spyware removal, Registry fix, Privacy cleanup can be selected and performed along with a complete Junk files removal from the system. The user can make custom selections on what he wants to be performed or not when scanning and also has access to an advanced Settings Panel. However it is advised those options to be managed by users who know what they are doing. Once everything is set the Scan button can be pressed and the application will start with the selected options.

Diagnose System can greatly improve overall system performance by optimizing the registry, defragmenting the disk and fixing invalid windows settings. However if the user has setup custom security settings on the system by bypassing the default Windows ones, they will be reset by the application if the Security Analyzer option is selected. This module also has an advanced panel available where additional settings can be made such as the type of computer and network optimization. By default this is set for home use.

Advanced SystemCare Professional also contains a set of additional tools and utilities for manually repairing, optimizing and cleaning the windows system or certain areas. We will go over each of them with a quick explanation on what they can do.

- Disk Cleaner helps the user find unnecessary files and remove them from the computer as safe as possible and recover the useful space.

- Disk Doctor checks and corrects any file system and disk errors to prevent the loss of data.

- File Shredder helps the user to securely remove files from the computer. It features the Gutmann method of paper grinding.

- Game Booster is mainly intended for gamers and it optimizes the computer and the network for playing by practically turning off unnecessary applications and OS features.

- Internet Booster optimizes the web browser and TCP/IP settings for maximum surfing performance and speed. The expert mode allows manual setup for the configuration.

- NetworkMon allows the user to monitor the bandwidth traffic.

- Iobit Registry Defrag reduces defragmentations, corrects any errors and recovers any memory space available.

- Shortcut Fixer makes sure all the shortcuts present point to the right programs and removes any invalid ones when clicking the Repair button.

- Smart Ram monitored the used memory and frees it up whenever needed to increase the overall performance.

Another useful feature is the Turbo Boost button. This small module temporarily disables any background processes and services, cleans the RAM and intensifies processor performance. Make sure to always configure the Turbo Boost options before enabling this.

During the tests, the application performed pretty well, very stable and only took a reasonable amount of resources.

We recommend this application for everyone starting from day to day users to system professionals and server administrators.

Professional registry repair and cleaner - Advanced SystemCare Pro. What does it help? Slow down, freeze, crash and security threats are over. Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes an one-click approach to help protect, repair and optimize your computer. Scanning and finding what other utilities miss, it can keep your PC error-free and smooth than ever. This fantastic program is available free of charge.

Why Advanced SystemCare Pro?

New PC Performance - Do you remember the feeling of a brand new PC when you first bought it? Why not try Advanced SystemCare, a powerful PC tune-up utility that focuses on the performance of your PC.

Computer Crashes without Reason - Have you ever encountered your PC crashes and you even did not know why. After months or years of using your PC, there might be plenty of changes, which added burdens to your PC but never get cleaned. What Advanced SystemCare does is to clean the stuffs that are left over and clean craps to make your PC neat and clean.

Registry Repairing and Cleaning - As an elementary part to a PC, if it does not working well, then your computer will be in big trouble. What does Advanced SystemCare Pro do? It cleans the records which is unnecessary to your PC but makes the PC running slow and produces troubles. It also repair parts that are missing and make the PC complete.

What's new in the new version?

+ Improved overall performance

+ Improved "Turbo Boost" module

+ Improved "Smart RAM" module

+ Improved user interface

* Fixed general bugs

System Requirements:

300 MHz processor or faster processor; 256 MB of RAM; 30 MB of free hard disk space.

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
advanced-systemcare-setup-v9.exe exe 37.77MB 9.0.0 N/A Windows Download
advanced-systemcare-setup.exe exe 41.18MB N/A Windows Download
advanced_systemcare_installer.exe exe 0.96MB 6.2.0 N/A Windows Download
asc-setup.exe exe 19.01MB 5.0.1 N/A Windows Download
Advanced SystemCare Pro 9.0.0 Free Download screenshot